Ronnie Chameau
Throughout 2011 Bermuda's Somers Isle Productions teamed with the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs for an ongoing film project documenting Bermuda's rich cultural heritage.
The result of this partnership - the upcoming 'Bermuda Folklife Documentary Series' - explores the lives and work of the men and women who keep our island's unique traditions alive.
A trailer below offers a peak at the first episode, which follows Ronnie Chameau, the Bermudian artist who creates beautiful dolls and ornaments from the leaves, bark and flowers she finds in the banana patch.
Founded in 2010 Somers Isle Productions is an independent multi-media production company dedicated to the development of high-quality film and television projects produced primarily on and around the islands of Bermuda.

Ronnie Chameau: Banana Doll Maker - Teaser from Somers Isle Productions on Vimeo.

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